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About Galaxy Rise

Galaxy Rise Consulting is dedicated to helping the progressive movement build and use better technology.

To us, this means more than just building tools: it means building skills and relationships within and among the organizations we work with. That’s why we offer free hour-long consultations to any progressive organization that asks. If we can help you understand your needs, your options, and the broader tech landscape, then we consider it an hour well spent, regardless of whether we end up working together.

In addition to general consultation, we also provide some specific services:

  • Trainings and mentorship
  • Drafting and reviewing job descriptions, requests for proposals, and product roadmaps
  • Project prototyping
  • Technical research reports


Go ahead and schedule your free consultation.

What our clients say

"Shauna was able to quickly understand our goals and help us think through the different technical options for our project. I was particularly impressed by how she explained complicated technical details clearly and without jargon. Shauna’s advice was immensely helpful; I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Olivia Robinson, Analyst Institute

"Despite only working with us part time, Shauna took the lead role at OpenHatch, growing our event series by nearly an order of magnitude. To help us scale, Shauna revised the organizing process, documented how to run the events, and deployed tools like bots and websites to encourage better communication. She continuously revised the educational program to be more effective and inclusive, allowing the events to touch thousands of people."

Asheesh Laroia, OpenHatch

"We hired Shauna to build a custom program to scrape multiple websites, and integrate the data. She helped us obtain information that is critical to our mission, and allows us to make a real impact. She listened to our project needs, and found a technical solution to meet our goals. She responded quickly to questions and was always a problem solver. She was fantastic to work with."

Executive Director, progressive non-profit organization (reference available)

"I highly recommend working with Shauna Gordon-McKeon at Galaxy Rise. When I had a hard time articulating the layout and aesthetics I wanted, Shauna used the right questions and examples to systematically draw out my preferences, then quickly delivered a draft that looked great. Shauna demonstrated unerringly reliable follow-through, skill, and an unflappable honesty. I owe my awesome launch to Galaxy Rise."

Sumana Harihareswara, Changeset Consulting



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